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When I have a camera in my hand, I have no fear so my motto is AAA-O which stands for: Anything, Anytime, Anywhere…Bar None. Just contact me and I’ll be transparent with you because photography is not looking, it’s feeling and if you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you will never get others to feel anything when they look at your work because the instrument is not the camera but the photographer. “


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The following words that you’re about to read will not only give you a brief summary of the company history, I hope it gives you some insight into the goals I have set for this business. Imagemaster started out as an idea in the mid 80’s between college buddies studying photography. Upon graduation this concept became my own, I did receive a formal education and actively pursued credible work experience from any/all sources. My resume is full of diverse work experiences…and then some, if you need to view just contact me.

I have been interested in photography since my early teen years. I studied some but mostly practiced…then began entering county fairs/contests. After high school I joined the military and was fortunate enough to travel Europe photographing everything. A famous “beverage” company purchased the rights to one of my photographs for a 1983-1984 print ad viewed in Europe and this experience had a profound effect upon me that eventually guided me into choosing a career in photography.

Imagemaster first started in Indianapolis back in 1991 with portraiture, journalism and sports. After several years and needing change, I relocated to California in 1999 searching of all the fame and fortune it had to offer? I’m currently working diligently on making this venture of mine succeed, it’s a tough road so any/all photography opportunities would be greatly appreciated. I have a plethora of knowledge & experience to rely upon and professionally my goal is to grow by 50% annually…God willing.

I feel that what makes me different from all other studios is my personalized customer service, sincere passion for a photo well done, my dependability & willingness to be flexible/negotiable with all clients no matter how big or small…everyone is equal. If an opportunity presents itself in the future…I would like to be partners and/or employ a staff of excellent photographers, each with their own “style & specialty” working as one family for Imagemaster, to make it the premier commercial photography studio in Northern California.

Imagemaster is a full service arts production agency that specializes in photography, interactive design and development, event planning, digital image retouching and print production for small to mid-size clients. I provide extraordinarily high quality photography intended for highly visible advertising and promotional campaigns, as well as weddings, portraiture and sporting events. Specialties include image restoration, image manipulation and photo restoring.

As a disclaimer…I am currently not a Master of Photography or ever have been,

Imagemaster is just a name tossed around one night that happened to “catch-on”.